Air Force Sergeant becomes "Superhero" as He Saves a Baby on His Way to an Awarding Ceremony

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At a certain point in our lives, we become aware of what we want to be when we grow up. Naturally, many of us seem to possess a desire for excellence. For instance, we have Tech Sgt. Kenneth O'Brien who became a recipient of the Outstanding Airman of the Year Award.

Although surprised by the adulation, Kenneth indeed, deserved the award because of the heroic acts he has done. While on his way to the award ceremony, an incident happened. He stepped up to save a child who started choking. Was this destiny or just a coincidence? Whichever, this just proves that Kenneth is truly a heroic force.

Innate heroism

Even at the early age of 12, Kenneth already felt determined to have a career in the armed forces. He always saw himself jumping out of airplanes, helping people in need, and doing other good deeds.

When he enlisted, he requested his recruiter that he gets assigned in the field of pararescue. Shortly after graduating from high school, he began boot camp training. This native of Bunker Hill has been an outstanding recruit taking on many challenges, an able leader, and a selfless individual. Many have heard about the soccer team from Thailand that helplessly got trapped in a cave in 2018.

Kenneth led the medical team in that rescue - extraction operation and he was the very first one to serve the children who climbed out of the cave. Another of Kenneth's most recent feats of heroism was when he saved the life of a passenger on his flight to Texas.

Always happy and willing to help

Kenneth seems to be a person of humility as he never really cared about public recognition or having celebrity status. He only lives his life to provide service to those in need, where and when he can.

During that fateful day of getting awarded for his heroic feats, Kenneth traveled with his family when he saw a one-year-old in trouble. The poor child had started choking and immediately, Kenneth went into action by removing the obstruction then administering CPR.

After he successfully resuscitated the child, Kenneth stayed with the child to make sure that he was alright. When asked to comment on the incident, he just said that he's thankful that he could help the child and the family at the time when they needed support.

An unexpected aware

Kenneth wasn't much for recognition so it came as a surprise to him that he was to receive an award. He said that he felt shocked as he never thought he would win. What makes this human being so admirable is that he never thought twice about his heroic deeds.

He just saved a child before the ceremony and after, it was business as usual. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! This airman was truly destined to be a hero.

Of course, it went viral!

As expected, Tech Sgt. Kenneth O'Brien's feats of heroism received over 1.1K comments, 5.3K shares, and 15K likes on Facebook's AFSOC Commander page. The internet has judged the incredible Sgt. O'Brien as an example of a true Airman.