A Viral Video of a Little Girl and Her Dog Have Social Media Users Going Wild

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At a time when so many countries are in shut down mode, the resilience of the human spirit is coming to the fore. Either that or boredom as people take to the internet to keep themselves entertained and sane.

One mom posted a video of her small daughter dancing with their dog on social media. People are going absolutely wild, enjoying the sweet innocence and spontaneity of the moment.

At a time when there seems so little to smile about, it is the small things that make a difference. Being in forced shut down definitely has an upside. It is bringing out the best in a lot of people, and showing us the resilience of the human spirit.


Not only that, but it is also teaching us all to get back to basics, and enabling an appreciation of the small things in life again. The things that matter – that have depth and meaning in a world where materialism has everyone running around like slaves anyway.

Now, a little girl dancing with her dog has forced us to take a look at ourselves and how we live. Carrie Levan works in Maine as an assistant professor for the Colby College. She decided to post a pic of her daughter and Otis doing their dance for humanity on Tuesday.

Otis can be seen smiling from ear to ear too as his small companion leads him around in a few snazzy dance steps. The difference in sizes between the doggy and his friend also give pause for more inner smiles. The image of them together has warmed hearts around the planet – proving that human interaction is more important than chasing tails (unless you’re a dog of course).

Carrie thought the world could use a little cheer when she elected to post the video on Twitter. It soon went viral as people on social media were looking for ways to occupy their time.

The unusual pair could give Fred Astaire a run for his money, judging by their rapid rise to fame. Looking like a scene from a child’s Disney movie, the large golden-haired Otis and his teeny companion are clearly having loads of fun.

This video demonstrates again how resilient we are. It also encourages us to appreciate the love of friends and family far more than we typically do. With enforced imprisonment on most of us, getting to know our loved ones on a foundational level again, is a gift.

A gift wrapped in the sacrifices and grief of so many others – yet it demonstrates how blessings can arise from the most challenging, foreboding situations.

With over 5 million shares on Twitter and more than 3,000 likes, the world has shown their appreciation for the love between a small girl and her dog.

Their love has raised our spirit. In turn, we’ve used this small but happy incident to share their cheer with our own loved ones.