This Foster Care Program Is Working To Change Lives

The Amazing Giants, a foster care program, has found a unique way to help women fresh out of the foster system. “Beauty from the Inside Out” is an event hosted by Joscelynn Murdock and the goal is to help young women–ages 18 to 26–that have lived the majority or part of their lives in the foster system. First, the participants are taken to the Pink Blossom Salon in Santa Maria for a complimentary makeover done by one of the various volunteer hairdressers and makeup artists who wanted to help out. With their new looks, they even got professional photos taken as a keepsake. From there, the young women were treated to lunch and then taken to a workshop with several local business owners and influential community members who spoke about self-esteem, having confidence in yourself, and being a beautiful person on the inside.

The Amazing Giants’ inspiration for this project was to help these women leave behind their haunting and broken pasts and look forward to a new future with a new look and attitude. With the knowledge that many of these participants have never had the opportunity to feel good about themselves or been told they are beautiful, The Amazing Giants hoped they could change this, and help these women find both beauty in their appearance and in their personalities as well. Although this was the first workshop that this organization has put together, with the success of this one, they’re hoping to be able to put on much more. With this particular program focusing on women, they’re hoping to target their next workshop for young men coming out of the Foster Care system.

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