3 Fun Summer DIY Projects To Test Your Creativity

Every summer will bring warm temperatures and fun adventures for everyone. Summer DIY is one of the best projects to undertake. Get together with friends to plan out how the project should unfold. Get advice and learn a few tricks when it comes to Summer DIY. The idea is that a few simple supplies can be pieced together by anyone. Do it yourself projects are time intensive and require planning from everyone involved.

1. Make Backyard Candles
Get together a few mason jars and get ready to pour wax. Liquid wax can be mixed with a few vibrant colors for summer projects. Use the right scent to get these candles smelling their best. Invite other people to mix and match their favorite colors. Insert the wick on the top while the wax is cooling. That will make it easier to light the candle in the evening. Citronella oil can be added to chase off bugs from the porch.

2. Serve Snacks In A Bucket
Beach buckets have always captured the imagination of people on vacation. Popcorn and chips can be piled in to a colorful beach bucket. Make sure that the bucket is clean before being served. Use a matching trowel to complete the beach look. Serve candy and snacks with the trowel in tow. Likewise, people can serve balled fruit in an ice cream scoop. These are just a couple clever ideas to use.

3. S’mores Bar
Everyone loves roasting marshmallows and building their own S’mores. That is a time honored way to pass the evening by a campfire. Once the fire is built, set out a S’mores bar for guests. Stack trays of graham crackers and chocolate to get people started. Hand out sheets that diagram how to built S’mores. Get creative and be ready to snack on these treats. Guests will remember the fun that they have around the campfire.