15 Strange Facts About Animals You Weren't Aware Of

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Ever wonder what some of the strange features animals have are actually used for? Well prepare yourself to find out!

1. The structure of a pig’s body renders it impossible for the pig to look up to the sky.

2. The heart of a shrimp is located in its head.

3. The crocodile’s tongue is practically useless. It can’t be moved for chewing and the reptile’s digestive juices are strong enough to melt a steel nail so there is really no need to break down food into small parts.

4. Even when they are stressed, guinea pigs and rabbit never sweat.

5. Think dogs are smart? Porpoises are far more intelligent as they are the second most intelligent animal on the planet (next to humans).

6. Gopher snakes are notorious for looking like rattlesnakes. But their venom is not poisonous, so other animals really are safe. Impostors!

7. Skunks are a prankster’s best friend as they can accurately spray their smelly fluid by up to ten feet away.

8. Even more proof that humans are related to apes: human birth control pills also work on gorillas.

9. #Goals: most gorillas can sleep for as much as fourteen hours daily.

10. Aside from looking at its genitals, the horse’s sex can also be told by counting its teeth. Males have 40 while females have 36.

11. Giraffes usually clean their ears using their tongue. Their tongue can grow to as much as 21 inches.

12. During peak mating season, lions mate with their partners up to 50 times in one day.

13. Dolphins sleep with one of their eyes open for safety.

14. Do not starve worms. If they have not eaten for a time and they still can’t find food, they tend to eat themselves.

15. Camels have triple the protection against desert sand from damaging their eyes: three eyelids.

There you have it: Some of the weird yet hilarious facts about some animals.